Jackson Zen 55 - Red


7′ 10-1/2″ Sit-In
River Runner


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Jackson Zen 55 - Red



River Runner

Jackson Kayak has listened and finally delivered what Whitewater paddlers have been wanting for years! The Jackson Zen is a “true” river running boat. It has a traditional river running appearance with a modern efficient hull, as well as top notch ergonomics and outfitting. The Zen is going to give a whole new generation of boaters the ability to experience attainments, enders, and the fast flowing river running experience that so many of us built our paddling lives on.

Jackson Kayaks feature a U-Channel at the front of the bulkhead securing the front wall in place, as well as the hull support and cleat for the uni-shock bulkhead. The cockpit setup is more ridged than ever before. Improvements have also been made to the seat. The seat is still quick to adjust since it is held in place with one single tumbscrew, preventing the seat from moving forward and back. Also, the seat finally has a water bottle holder. Seat padding has changed a bit as well. The seat pad is a molded foam construction but Sweet Cheeks can still be installed easily for folks that prefer the 2011 Elite setup. The hip pads are similarly shaped to the 2011 pads are are easily adjusted using the included shims.


Length: 7′ 10-1/2″
Width: 23-3/4″
Height: 12″
Weight: 36.5 lbs.


Jackson Kayak

Jackson Adventures originated in 2004 with the launch of Jackson Kayaks, a made-in- America whitewater brand founded by world champion and Olympic kayaker, Eric Jackson, design partner David Knight and friend, Tony Lunt. From its headquarters near Rock Island, Tennessee, the brand quickly established itself as the leader in innovation and build quality and soon diversified into a line of recreational and fishing kayaks equally distinctive for thoughtful design and elite performance. A premium cooler brand, Orion, arrived in 2014. And in 2018, Jackson Adventures created a whole new category of personal recreational and fishing craft with Blue Sky Boatworks, a super-stable, highly efficient platform that claimed Best Fishing Craft honors at 2018’s iCast. In 2019, the latest brand to join the family, Orion Kennels, brings the Jackson Adventures DNA of intelligent design and singular performance, to dog owners. The tradition of pioneering kayaks, boats, outdoor products and essential accessories continues with the arrival of Jackson Adventures’ propulsion breakthrough, the FlexDrive 3D system that seamlessly integrates easily upgradable propulsion, power and steering solutions for the industry’s most advanced interface between the user and his craft. Throughout this journey, Jackson Kayak and now Adventures, has never veered from the central values that launched the company: That we always be open and welcoming. That we make our growing family of customers and dealers feel close. That we strive for improvements in the products we create so that they reflect our authentic and honest understanding of the adventure and the adventurer. In other words, always be Outdoor To The Core.